School Social Environment Study

Brief Description: 
In this study, we hope to learn about how high schooler's family background and social environment affect the way they think about social interaction and their mental health.
Eligibility for Participation: 
We are recruiting high schoolers of all ages who are students at Roosevelt or Garfield high schools in Seattle and their parent or guardian.
Participation Details: 
The study involves one session lasting 60-90 minutes which will be conducted at our laboratory. We will ask you some questions about you and your family and record an interview where we ask you some questions about social life at your high school. You will earn up to $40 for participation and your parent will earn $15. This is only part 1 of the study - so you may have an opportunity to participate further at a later point.
Full Description: 
Socioeconomic status is an important predictor of mental health, but we are still investigating the reasons why this is so. There is some evidence that suggests that how teenagers think about their own socioeconomic status within their school environment may have effects on their health regardless of whether or not their basic needs are being met. In this study we hope to investigate these effects further and explore how children's identity affects their mental health. In this first phase of our study, we are collecting background information necessary to construct measures for a later, larger study on this topic.
Matthew Peverill, M.S., Stress & Development Lab, Department of Psychology; Katie McLaughlin, Ph.D., Stress & Development Lab, Department of Psychology
Research Contact: 
If your child is interested in participating, please send an e-mail to or call (206) 221-9276.
high schoolers will earn up to $40, and parents will earn $15
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