Get Involved

Why the SDL?

The SDL is an excellent place to be a research assistant because our undergraduates and volunteers are directly involved with running children and adolescents in studies, which means that you get to be involved in clinical and developmental research in a hands-on way. Research assistants are also encouraged to get involved with designing original research if they are interested. Previous undergraduate research assistants have taken on coding projects, designed and carried out original studies, and presented research in university as well as professional conferences. You will also gain valuable skills and experience that will prepare you for graduate school and or whatever your next career steps might be. 
For most of the studies in the SDL, we rely on undergraduate research assistants to help us with testing children and adolescents. Research assistants help administer the tasks and questionnaires to participants as well as acquire physiological data (like EKG and skin conductance) and neuroimaging data (including fMRI). Most of our participants attend school, so we typically run studies in the late afternoon on the weekdays (2-7 pm) and on Saturday afternoons.  Saturday availability is strongly preferred. Experience with both PCs and Macs is a bonus, as is the knowledge of Excel. We also prefer that our research assistants have experience working with children and adolescents and have taken relevant courses, such as Psych 305 (Abnormal Psychology), Psych 206 (Developmental Psychology) or Psych 209 (Fundamentals of Psychological Research). You may receive Psych 499 credit for working at the SDL.


Potential research assistants must complete an application and come in for an interview.

University of Washington Applicants: Download the application below, fill it out on your computer and email it to to schedule an interview. Because training takes a while to complete, we usually require research assistants to commit to at least two quarters in the lab. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at  for more information.  

Harvard University Applicants: We prefer applicants who can commit at least 8 hours a week for 6 or more months. Email and expressing interest in our lab, and we will send you an online application form to begin the process.